Regional MLS

our property is immediately placed on the Middle TN Regional Multiple Listing Service’s centralized database, known as REALTRACS. This immediately informs all brokers and affiliate brokers in the Metropolitan Nashville areas about your property & that we will cooperate with them for the sale of your property.


Our company participates in the Internet Data Exchange, which is a National Association of REALTORS initiative whereby brokers give each other permission to display their listings on each other’s web sites. Brokers who participate can display all of each other’s active listings. What this means to you is that every Broker in Middle TN has our permission to market your property on any and all their websites.

Your property is then downloaded to site. All our corporate listings are also added to various websites as a paid subscriber to

Traditional Marketing

We of course use “for sale” yard sign, full color brochures, and electronic lockboxes for safety reasons/ To ensure that even real estate agents that do not participate in our MLS system and non-realtors can access your property, we provide one-day codes after verification of their credentials. In our effort to get your property sold in the shortest time period and the highest price possible, while exposing it to the highest number of both real estate agents and potential buyers, we participate in IDX exchange, allowing all Realtors to advertise all our listings on their websites.

Appointment Center

We use an appointment center to set up all our broker showings, and our appointment center is available seven days a week to answer set broker showings automatically for us. We showcase your home the same way we do owner-occupied homes, therefore, maximizing your net return.

Fast & Easy Communications

Our entire team is easily reached via phone, email, fax, and high speed internet connections. All effort is made to respond to messages within 2 business hours, and generally within an hour.